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235fr violin Laszlo Nemessanyi Listen the voice
op47Nemessanyi violin
violincello by Laszlo Nemessanyi
violinNo 192 op 37László Nemessányi viola 2011
laum Robert Laumann cello 1930
farkBela Farkas 1937
burger Viktor Burger 1921 violin

zimm Zimmermann violin 1896.
richard Richard Hunger violin 1942
ilonmanufactura violin
renewed old violin
conserv Conservatory violin
bothazi Balazs Bothazi violin
komtothKomaromi Toth violin

borzia violin from Dresden

pacui violin from Pozsony
erdelyi cselló
german manufactura violin
balazsistvan Istvan Balazs viola
12 12 strings guitar

gayer 3/4 size Double bass from Reghin
becstimea violin from Reghin
felremenyi manufactura violin
bruckner Bruckner violin

cseh cselló

bass bow by Alajos Werner

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last update:21.12.2017