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235fr violin Laszlo 2023Nemessanyi Listen the voice
op47batkiNemessanyi violin
violincello by Laszlo Nemessanyi
violinNo 192 op 37László Nemessányi viola 2011
htrappHermann Trapp violin
karlmuller Karl Müller violin
frhell Franz Hell violin
kadargabor Sandor Toth violin
milamanufactura violin

sandorjanos Hungarian violin
conserv Conservatory violin
bothazi Balazs Bothazi violin
cseh manufactura violin
petocsehviolin from Bohemia
erdelyi cselló
german manufactura violin
dobosbalazs Balazs Dobos violin
daeniker Labelled "Tenucci"
szgcsehviolin from Bohemia
bothaziuj B. Bothazi violin 2020
piroskinainew Chinese violin
felremenyi manufactura violin



Please call for prices! This pictures not cover my entire goods on hand. My actual supply not always up to date.


last update:18.07.2023