I established my workshop in 1985.
I specialize in repairing, making, and renting musical instruments.


I repair, restore, and adjust violins. It is often possible to successfully rescue violins which seem utterly hopeless. In fact, as a result of expert repair work some excellent concert violins have emerged from my workshop. I undertake the repair of cellos, as well. Most frequently, the repair consists of replacing the sound post and the bridge.
Repairs on the double bass usually involve positioning of the fingerboard, bridge, and neck. In Budapest, only a small number of workshops will do expert adjustment of the double bass. It is, however, one of my specialties.
I routinely repair guitars. Acoustic guitars most often require glueing of the tailpiece, stringing, and adjusting. Adjusting is also the most common need encountered in repairing electric guitars involving the neck, tailpiece, and upper saddle. Frequently, the electronic components need attention; I will undertake such repairs.
I will repair instrument cases as well.
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Instrument making :
My instruments are all made exclusively by hand. My own models are given opus numbers of which I keep meticulous records.
Violin: I build my violins based on models by Antonio Stradivari, and mainly Joseph Guarneri (Del Gesu), following in the footsteps of my great forbear, the best known Hungarian violin maker, Samuel Nemessányi. I build one or two violins a year.
Viola (Braccio): I build relatively few violas, perhaps one every two years. My favorite model, a "size 41" viola, comes to me from my teacher, master violin maker, Pál Sáránszky.
Cello: So far, my cellos have followed two models: one is a French model; the other a much wider-bodied instrument, the "Sleeping Beauty", by one of the best known Italian master cello makers, Domenico Montagnana. The latter is the most popular among my customers. I build one, maybe two cellos in a year.
double bass : I use my own model for building these instruments. I designed it by welding together the idea of the wider form of the violin body with that of some simpler, smoother bass viols, to achieve a more advantageous and in my opinion more pleasing design than the prevailing models. I build generally one bass viol in a year.
Guitars: In recent years I have built several guitars by commission.
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Flexible business hours by appointment!

Free parking.

Instruments for Sale :
Bowed instruments: Violin, viola, cello, bass viol - always readily available from a steadily renewing supply. I will also be happy to assist my customers in finding the instrument they are looking for should it, at the time, not be in my inventory. In addition to the bowed instruments, there are also usually a few
guitars available in my workshop.
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Expert advice and Appraisals :
If you are uncertain of the value of your instrument, I can, based on my 30 years of experience, help you establish the price. In certain cases, I will buy and pay cash for an instrument of every-day value.
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Instrument Rentals :
I will rent out instruments of every-day value. Smaller sized violins and cellos are available for students.
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