Hangszerkészítés és Én

2022: a short film about me

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Our famous ancestor Samuel Felix Nemessanyi (1837-1881) made our family name world famous among violinists and violin makers.

I learned the trade from 1977 to 1979 at the Kaesz Gyula Woodwork College in Budapest, and completed the final exam in 1983. My tutors were Mihaly Varga, Laszlo Varga, Peter Temesvari, and later Pal Saranszky.

Playing string instruments inspired me to make not only double bass, cello, viola, and violin, but guitars as well.
I built my first violin in 1980.
I built F-style mandolin electric guitars.
I built a completely individual acoustic bass guitar with 4 and 5 string versions at Czako Peter’s request as well as electric double basses.
At the end of 2006, I completed my first electric guitar with the fantasy name Dr Nmy. My cellos are based on the shape of Domenico Montagana Sleeping Beauty.
I designed my double bass shape in 1995 based on the models of the Pollmann shop. I have built 6 pieces since; three of them were sold in Finland (including a 5 string version).
I made also a “Busetto”. My violins are based on Stradivari and Guarneri models.

In 2004 I took part at the international violin makers competition in London, organised by the British Violin Makers Association.
My violins are well known in Germany, Austria, Sweden, USA (Los Angles, Hawaii) and France as well as in Hungary.


Finland, Sweden, France, Germany, Austria, USA (Seattle, Los Angles, Hawaii) as well as Hungary

Presently I work in my own workshop in Budapest.


Nemessányi László portréBőgő javítás Bőgő javítás Bőgő javítás Hegedű csiga

In the past 30 years I have learnt a lot of secrets from the past masters of the trade.

You should only try my instruments if you have faith in your own value judgement.

Don’t ask what the secret is, since it is a secret to stay that way.

Try my instruments,
you will not
be disappointed.