Trust me with any problems you may experience with your instruments!

The price of professional advice is included in the cost of repairs!


If you are interested in the value of your instrument:
Verbal valuations:
3000 HUF per instrument,
in excess of 1,000.000 HUF as individually agreed upon.

Written appraisals:

by e-mail based on pictures (good quality, one from the top, one from the back and one from the scroll) 4,000 HUF
below a value of 100,000 HUF/instrument a set fee of 5,000 HUF. Between the values of 100,000 and 1,000.000 HUF the fee is 3 % of the value.

Above said values it will be necessary to reach an individual agreement.
In case the instrument is left with me on commission, the valuation is subject to a discount
I restore and often completely re-build old instruments.
Occasionally, I will buy hopeless looking or hard-to-repair old instruments.


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